Application notes for Hangzhou Yungu school grade one and grade seven

Bring out the best of every child.
We believe that every child is unique and born with potential.
We believe that children’s curiosity should be nurtured, and that their interests and inspiration should be sparkled.
We believe that education should be a natural and slow process. Every child should be inspired and enjoy their life at school.
We prepare our students to have the quality of ‘Yun 云(Cloud)’ and ‘Gu 谷(Valley)’ which encompasses high ambitions and the values of modesty. We aim to lead our students to be global citizens who are benevolent, independent and responsible, lifelong learners with great happiness.
Yungu curriculum is developed from the National Curriculum, and consists of compulsory, extended and potential courses. The bilingual immersion learning environment helps students to learn the essence of Chinese culture and to appreciate world cultures. Guided by advanced educational philosophy, we explore innovative teaching methods and provide various courses such as traditional culture, library information literacy, PBL(Project Based Learning), DT(Design Thinking). Our curriculum is integrated with knowledge, social ability and potential training so that our students can achieve their best through personalized learning and develop lifelong learning skills.

1. Admission Requirements

Grade one
According to the and the policies of Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, the application requirements of grade one are:
1. Admission age: Child who was born between September 1st, 2011 – August 31st, 2012.
2. No limitation for the household registration or school district.
3. Parents are required to provide the private school enrollment materials stated by the education bureau as follows:
Student’s registration Needed materials
Hangzhou registration Household register
Non-Hangzhou registration Parent is under the “talent introduction” policy: provide the relevant proof of being an introduced talent; Household register
Other situations: Child holds the effective in urban Hangzhou
Expat, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan Parent has Chinese citizenship: refer to the non-Hangzhou registration.
Expat parent: parent’s passport, working proof in Hangzhou, residential certificate.
Grade seven
Outstanding primary school graduates in Hangzhou urban districts; other areas or circumstances should follow the relevant policies and regulations of the Municipal Education Bureau.

2.Application Materials

Please click and submit the grade one's admission application form here.

Please click and submit the grade seven's admission application form here.

3. Application Procedures

Primary school: Applicate online—→ Document process—→Experience activities —→Communicate—→Enroll
Middle school: Apply online—→ Application processing—→Interview—→Parents'talk—→Enroll
After assessing the online application materials, you may receive a text/phone invitation for our experience day or face-to-face meeting.

4. Information resources

1. School website
2. School Wechat Platform: yunguschool
3. Hotline :0571-85062928 Mon-Fri (9:00.-11:30 & 13:00-16:30)
4. Yungu School Information Day (Coming soon)