Hangzhou Yungu School is the private school funded by Ali partners. It is a Chinese school aiming to act locally and think globally, and lead children to think from a global perspective. The elementary school and junior high school of Yungu has started in 2017, kindergarten has been opened in 2018 and high school will be opened in 2020.
We believe that every child is unique and born with potential.
We believe that children’s curiosity should be nurtured, and that their interests and inspiration should be sparkled.
We believe that education should be a natural and slow process. Every child should be inspired and enjoy their life at school.
Our mission is to bring out the best of every child.
We prepare our students to have the quality of ‘Yun 云(Cloud)’ and ‘Gu 谷(Valley)’ which encompasses high ambitions and the values of modesty. We aim to lead our students to be global citizens who are benevolent, independent and responsible, lifelong learners with great happiness.
Yungu curriculum is developed from the National Curriculum, and consists of compulsory, extended and potential courses. The bilingual immersion learning environment helps students to learn the essence of Chinese culture and to appreciate world cultures.
Guided by advanced educational philosophy, we explore innovative teaching methods and provide various courses such as traditional culture, library information literacy, PBL(Project Based Learning), DT(Design Thinking). Our curriculum is integrated with knowledge, social ability and potential training so that our students can achieve their best through personalized learning and develop lifelong learning skills.
Our Primary and Middle School admission requirements and procedures are conducted according to the related policies of Hangzhou Education Bureau.
The Independent Students Recruitment for Hangzhou middle school is ended. The admission namelist is as following.

Welcome to contact us:
Hotline :0571-85062928 85067399 (Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00)
Email: rxyg@yungu.org

The Independent Student Recruitment of Hangzhou Yungu School(Middle School Division) for hangzhou students is ended, the admission namelist is as following.
陈俊如 董瀚宇 李苇杭 王悦涵
王悠扬 何思颖 张循齐 曹起
刘雨瑶佳 黄梓萌 钭奕涵 王睿晗
何天韵 孙文 宁无莫 吴双骐