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Words from the Principal


Douglas Ray

Co-principal of Yungu High School

Dear Visitors,

I would like to thank you for your interest in Yungu High School. After much of my career spent teaching in renowned US boarding schools, where I taught amazingly talented Chinese students, I started to imagine what would be possible to help design a world-class Chinese school with a global focus. Students would develop a deep, meaningful Chinese identity, while benefitting from blended best-practices from the East and West. For the past two years, a global team of passionate educators has worked to build exactly that school. I invite you to consider some of my thoughts about Yungu’s unique position and advantage.

I would like to make an assertion: Most good ideas or innovations begin with a question. Maybe that question arises from something deep down. Maybe it’s from a mild inconvenience. But the question itself heightens the awareness of what is actually happening and pushes us to imagine what could be.

So here are some of my questions: How do you prepare students for a world where the only constant is change? How do we help students see the world clearly for what it is while instilling an optimism for imagining what it could be? How can we leverage the power of technology to enhance relationships and the exchange of ideas? How can we help students to become both dreamers and doers? How can we work with parents to form powerful partnerships? How can we integrate traditions and cultures for greater, immediate impact? How can we take ideas from 20,000 feet down to implementation at two inches? These are just a few of the questions that drive my interest in the great work of Yungu School, and these are the types of questions I invite you to ask.

As part of the team who designed Yungu High School and brought it to life during an unprecedented global pandemic, I know that this school is bold, resilient, resourceful, and determined. We are not another international school who offers readily-available curricula like IB, A-Levels, or APs. We are a Chinese school, building on the advantages of the National Curriculum, with a global focus. Our unique PASSPORT Curriculum is focused on two key ideas: identity and access, building cultural confidence and global competence, preparing them to study abroad at great universities. To accomplish our great purpose of training “innovators for social good,” we realize that we have to shift the outdated mode of one-size-fits-all education. Instead, we “meet our students where they are” and personalize education to meet particular, individual needs. No two students at Yungu are alike, and we celebrate, encourage, and help them craft their own Yunique stories.

At its heart, Yungu believes in the power of these individual stories to build community, spark innovation, and inspire curiosity to make a positive social impact—not just accepting things as they are. We see this on a regular basis when our students take ownership of their own learning, and when our faculty propose and design a course that exists nowhere else. We see this when our talented developers build a new program to enhance our teachers’ ability to implement meaningful educational experiences. We see this when we blend global professionals of diverse backgrounds to come together to provide a program for “every” child, not just the highest achievers or best resourced.

My job at Yungu High School is to consistently raise the bar so that we are never satisfied, so that our best performance today becomes tomorrow’s starting point. Our team of global talent bring the heads, hearts, and hands to meet our great purpose: to know our students, meet them where they are, and to help them reach their full stature while finding their paths to powerful purpose and impact.

The students, families, and faculty who join us at this early stage of Yungu High School share our pioneering spirit, and we are committed to the greatest care that our collective experience and resources can command in order to help everyone grow. I invite you not only to read about our vision and mission, but to live it along with us, to experience the great joy of creation that thrives on our campus each day.  

So, please, share with us your stories. And bring your questions as well.

Douglas Ray