Guidance for Kindergartners into Yungu
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Guidance for Kindergartners into Yungu

Yungu Kindergarten, as a wonderland brimmed with tinges of children, is the very site to nurture the “elves” with warm hearts and bright eyes.

Our thought holds that every fresh kid creature is just as smart and magic as an elf and that such a whole individual is a capable learner.

Our expectation lies in that little children can employ their bright eyes for access to the world and cherish a warm heart towards self development, beauty of life and the joy of growth in company.

Are you such a family as:    

With the acceptance of education philosophy by Yungu, as a willing partner with us to build a free environment with corresponding comfort and fraternity for kids being independent.

With us, eager to explore stories of elves in this environment with special characteristics of kids.

With an expectation to embrace a more wonderful kid campus by devotion of time and enthusiasm.


Welcome to apply for  Admissions 


Details for enrollment:   


The Enrollment of Hangzhou Yungu Kindergarten will follow the police of Hangzhou education bureau.    

Autumn term Enrollment in 2023 starts now., inculding  K1、a small number of K2&K3 transfer students.       




We believe that the right one is the best. Before choosing a school, we invite you to watch the " Yungu Kindergarten Education Information Session" carefully.    

Scan the QR code and follow the offical Wechat account "Yungu Education" to acquire more information.         



Additional information:        

Q1:How much is the tuition?

A1:At present, according to the Approval of the Price Bureau, the tuition includes child-care fee for 12800 yuan per-month from the autumn semseter ,2021,excluding meals, uniforms and other related expenses.      


Q2:Where is the kindergarten?    

A2:Address: Jingda street, No. 209, Sandun Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.        



Admission Tel:0571-85062928 (work time: 08:30-11:30,13:00-17:00)


Admission Wechat: