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1. Application

Have you applied for a job that is suitable for you? To view the position, please click here for tips before application.

Resume Preparation and screening principles

Prepare your resume carefully

Your resume will determine our first impression of you, so please give an objective and comprehensive description of the skills, experience, and accomplishments that are relevant to the requirements of the position. Here are some tips on how to fill out your resume:

Please read the job description and requirements carefully before filling in your resume.

In your cover letter, please describe in detail why you apply to Yungu, your education-related experience, projects and the corresponding accomplishments. When you describe your work and projects, please let us know how you measure effectiveness?

If you have ever held a managerial position, please let us know. How large was the team you were managing? What was the scope of your duties at that time?

If you are a recent college graduate or have limited work experience, please provide school-related research projects, courses or social practices that demonstrate your level of skills and knowledge.

How do we assess resume

The resume reviewer has professional experience in interpreting resumes and is familiar with our position, not just the one you are applying for. Therefore, recruiters know whether there might be a right position for the candidates in Yungu. If the position you choose does not pass the CV screening process, but there are other positions that are more suitable for you, the recruiter will contact you to confirm your willingness and recommend it. If there is no suitable position for you at present, they will also make a note of it and contact you in the future.